International Meeting for environment and health 2018

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28 November to 30 November

Strasbourg – Council of Europe

Air Pollution, Health

& emerging issues

30 international experts – scientists, researchers and health professionals

 Do you really know the impact of air pollution on our health?

State of emergency

Air pollution is an increasing concern for Humanity. The subject
urgently needs more attention by medical scientists and society alike.

Impact of air pollution

Air pollution has long been recognized as a major health threat with multiple impacts, increasing mortality and morbidity. Pulmonary and cardio-vascular diseases are well known outcomes. Brain impacts are an emergent challenge as are epigenetic changes and developmental issues. This conference will tackle these issues for the second time.

Our experts

Our international meeting for environment and health is an association of an multidisciplinary scientific event and local and to general public meetings.

Scientific meetings

For the second time, basic researchers, epidemiologists, public health specialists and neurologists will met to assess current knowledge and identify key gaps that mandate further research.

Citizen meetings

The goal is to inform a largest part of the society, with an understandable high sanitary message.

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